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South of Kerman   Electric Power Distribution Company


Electric energy in Kerman was first founded in March 1932 by Electricity Firm under the supervision of Mr. Abolghasem Harandi with 75KW (DC) power Using AC electricity returns to 1952; in 1966 electricity of this province was delivered to Regional Electricity Company. In 1991, Regional Electricity Company of Kerman assigned its operations to Electric Distribution Company of Kerman as one of its subsets which was divided into south and north distribution companies in 2000.

Electric Distribution Company of South Kerman is started its operation to distribute and deliver reliable electricity to consumers including residential, general, industrial, agricultural and etc. This company is announced its independency from Kerman Regional Electricity in November 2006 using Independency laws of distribution companies and operates as a subset of Tavanir under the supervision of Ministry of Energy.

Operation domain of this company includes managing 16 cities: Sirjan, Bam, Jiroft, Baft, Bardsir, Kahnooj, Manoojan, Anbarabad, south Roodbar, Reegan, Ghale-Ganj, Rabor, Orzooyie, Narmashir, Fahraj and Fariab, 5 deputies and 19 headquarters in Kerman under the supervision of manager and board of directors. 

The Year of Resistance Economics: Productivity and Employment
Address:  Kerman, Islamic Republic Boulevard, Southern Kerman Electricity Distribution Company
P.O.Box: 7618815676            
Post Code: 76175 -344
TelFax :   0343-2110402    
Working hours :  7 - 13:30
Working days : saturday - wensday
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