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South of Kerman   Electric Power Distribution Company
Headlines of Tasks

Headlines of Tasks of South Kerman Electricity Distribution Company

This company has the following responsibilities to fulfill its mission in its operation domain:

1. Establishing power branch using the existing network or developing new networks

2. Operation and maintenance of existing distribution networks.

3. Delivering energy at sub-transmission stations and supplying 20KV lines and transmission stations and low voltage network.

4. Constant transmission of electricity in the network and maintaining its quality and delivering it to users at consumption points.

5. Planning and trying to increase network stability, reliability and network control to reduce undistributed energy and reduce interruption time.

6. Selling electricity to users and collecting its price in specific time periods.

7. Creating new street light system and network at required points and maintaining them.

8. Consultation, design and servicing based on requests.

9. Responding to all requests of people and clients corresponding to electricity transmission and providing necessary domains for research.

10. Performing economic, productive and business operations to provide required products and devices of distribution networks.

11. Trying to improve human resources especially managers.

12. Creating relationship and cooperation with other institutions and bureaus in task domain of the company.

13. Creating two-sided relationship and cooperation with regional electricity company to perform agreements and delivering statements and financial trades.

14. Responding local authorities.

15. Managing and controlling electricity networks under critical conditions like flood, storm, earthquake and etc.

16. Developing optimal use of electricity and applying consumption management, inspecting and controlling measurement devices

17. Planning, designing, implementing and supervising particular projects.

18. Mechanizing distribution networks and automation.

19. Providing amenities for all partners as much as possible.

20. Getting bank facilities to increase investment and improve system. 

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Address:  Kerman, Islamic Republic Boulevard, Southern Kerman Electricity Distribution Company
P.O.Box: 7618815676            
Post Code: 76175 -344
TelFax :   0343-2110402    
Working hours :  7 - 13:30
Working days : saturday - wensday
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