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South of Kerman   Electric Power Distribution Company
Familiar with the company

Electric energy in Kerman was first founded in March 1932 by Electricity Firm under the supervision of Mr. Abolghasem Harandi with 75KW (DC) power Using AC electricity returns to 1952; in 1966 electricity of this province was delivered to Regional Electricity Company. In 1991, Regional Electricity Company of Kerman assigned its operations to Electric Distribution Company of Kerman as one of its subsets which was divided into south and north distribution companies in 2000.

Electric Distribution Company of South Kerman is started its operation to distribute and deliver reliable electricity to consumers including residential, general, industrial, agricultural and etc. This company is announced its independency from Kerman Regional Electricity in November 2006 using Independency laws of distribution companies and operates as a subset of Tavanir under the supervision of Ministry of Energy.

Operation domain of this company includes managing 16 cities: Sirjan, Bam, Jiroft, Baft, Bardsir, Kahnooj, Manoojan, Anbarabad, south Roodbar, Reegan, Ghale-Ganj, Rabor, Orzooyie, Narmashir, Fahraj and Fariab, 5 deputies and 19 headquarters in Kerman under the supervision of manager and board of directors. 


familiyer with company

Brief History:

75KW direct current (DC) was the first electricity in Kerman, established by an electrical company under the responsibility of Mr. Abolghasem Harandi in April 1932.

In 1952 AC current was introduced to Kerman residence and in 1966 Kerman regional electrical company was established and took the responsibility of transmitting and distributing electricity for the Kerman province. In 1992 this company was devided in to two companies and the responsibility of distributing electricity was handed to Kerman electrical distribution company. The duty of distributing electricity to all parts of Kerman province was until 2001 when this company was also devided into the North and South electrical distribution companies of the province. Since 2007 these companies are independent from regional electrical company and operate as a subsidiary of Tavanir and affiliated to the Ministry of Energy.


South Kerman Electrical Distribution Company is responsible for distributing and delivering electricity to residential, general, industrial, agricultural and other consumers located in southern region of Kerman province.

This company includes 16 electricity managements across south Kerman province: Sirjan, Bam, Jiroft, Baft, Bardsir, Kahnooj, Manojan, Anbarabad, Rudbar-e-Janub, Regan ghale ganj, Rabar, Arzooieh, Normashir, Fahraj and Faryab , 5 deputies and 25 offices as the headquarters of the company in Kerman which are in charge of managing the company under the supervision of the board of directors and the CEO.

SKEDC duties:

The company has the following duties and responsibilities to carry out the assigned missions and activities:

1-Creation, development, optimization and purchase of electrical distribution network and facilities in the field of activity of the company and if necessary by obtaining the necessary permits in other areas

2- Implementing non-profit projects from public sources in accordance with the laws and regulations related to such projects.

3- Operation, repair and maintenance of networks and power distribution facilities belonging to the company.

4-Cooperating with regional electricity companies in the optimal location of HV substations.

5- Managing and monitoring the electrical distribution network.

6- Providing the services for other electricity suppliers to access distribution networks in order to buy, sell and transit electricity, by receiving the transit fee.

7-Purchase, sell (including various pre-purchase and pre-sale methods) and transit electricity.

8- Taking the necessary measures to ensure the uninterrupted supply of electricity, such as concluding purchase or pre-purchase contracts with suppliers, in compliance with the rules of the electricity market and delivering it to customers.

9-Providing services to customers and necessary facilities to accept new requests and transfer subscriptions or change the capacity of existing subscriptions in the company's field of activity.

10 – Consumer and Demand side Management for optimal electricity consumption

11- Operation, repair and maintenance of electrical facilities and equipment belonging to others in case of obtaining the necessary permits.

12-Supporting applied research and conducting research activities related to the distribution sector through specialized and competent authorities.

13- Supporting the development of consulting and contracting capacities and new technologies in order to reduce costs and increase productivity and improve the customer service level.

14. Selling electricity in bulk to licensed electricity companies for delivery to consumers.

15-Outsourcing of studies and Competitive executive operations including operation, repair and maintenance, development and optimization of network and facilities, and provision of customer services.

16- Providing services to the Ministry of Energy in the implementation of Article 4 of the Law of Iran Electricity Organization and other laws and regulations.

17. Providing the possibility of using assets of the company to provide infrastructure services by others and get the rights in return in the framework of the instructions approved by the General Assembly and in a way that does not endanger the main services of the company.

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